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Pictet & Cie or commonly branded as just ‘Pictet’ is a major Swiss private bank that was founded back in 1805. It provides asset management and wealth management focusing on the wealth of high net worth private investors and institutional clients. Within Switzerland it is monitored by FINMA (the Swiss Government Financial Regulator). For private clients it offers services that include family banking governance, wealth planning and protection, asset management, active advisory, trading and marketing services as well as global custody that assists clients with management who have accounts in different banks in various different countries.

You can contact them their reception on:  +41 (0)58 323 23 23 

Main Head Office Location: Route des Acacias 60, Geneva, Switzerland

Please note for US taxpayers and nationals Pictet North America Advisors (PNAA) was set up exclusively as a subsidiary of Pictet & Cie and is also registered with the SEC.


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